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Peggy Guggenheim
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Peggy Guggenheim
Art Addict

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Comments (3)

Anonymous picture

How inspiring she is! I had always known of her as an art collector but I had no idea how ahead of her time she was. Her life story was very engaging.

Anonymous picture

Great doc. She made such a large impact on art. Very sad about the tragedy in her family. From different things they say about her family it sounds like her family members had some serious mental health troubles - possibly ocd, definitely depression, suicide, etc. It's unfortunate that back ...Read more

Anonymous picture

An amazing lady, ahead of her time. Able to cast off society's judgements of her colorful and tragic personal life and live her life according to her own rules. Putting her passion for art before everything, including her own children, may irk a little, but there's no denying the important ...Read more